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Consumer Electronics

Products and ServicesMagnetic sensors have gained traction in many consumer applications. These involve solutions based on current sensing, switching, position sensing and angular sensing. We design our magnetic sensors to provide superior performance in all of these applications.


Crocus’ magnetic sensor products are based on its unique MLU-patented technology. Unlike Hall devices, our magnetic sensors have a far higher sensitivity, representing several orders of magnitude. Other advantages of Crocus’ magnetic sensors include TAS and DTAP - differential programming, small footprint, galvanic and thermal isolation, low power, high temperature operation, high frequency operation in the Mhz range, and reliability performance. Crocus’ magnetic sensor products include multiple architectures from single-ended magnetoresistor to differential architectures.

Magnetic sensors are widely used in a variety of consumer products such as printers, scanners, cameras, flat panels, as well as white goods including refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washers and dryers. One of the fastest growing applications of magnetic sensors is mobile navigation – the electronic compass is a must have feature in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Magnetic field sensors are also commonly found in gaming consoles and in many products with smart features.


Most of the applications in consumer products involve switching and current sensing. A number of products that use switching include cases and covers to protect smartphones and tablet screens, as well as laptops. Switches are also used in variety of white good products. The same applies to current sensing that can be found in products from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators. Again, Crocus’ magnetic sensors are designed to meet challenges in these applications.