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Magnetic sensors are used in many industrial applications. These include current sensing, switching, rotation and speed sensing, position sensing, linear and angular sensing. Crocus’ magnetic sensors are designed to provide superior performance in all of these applications.


Crocus’ magnetic sensor products are based on its unique MLU-patented technology. In contrast to Hall devices that generally have low sensitivity, our magnetic sensors exhibit a far higher sensitivity, representing several orders of magnitude. Other advantages of Crocus’ magnetic sensors include TAS and DTAP - differential programming, small footprint, galvanic and thermal isolation, low power, high temperature operation, high frequency operation in the Mhz range, and reliability performance. Crocus’ magnetic sensor products include multiple architectures from single-ended magnetoresistor to differential architectures.


All of these features are highly desirable for use in many products designed for industrial markets. Power distribution units for servers, motor controls units, multiple modules for process control and automation in manufacturing are typical examples. Also, because of their superior performance, Crocus’ magnetic sensors lend themselves well to niche applications, such as fluid level measurements. In addition, these magnetic sensors are suitable for harsh environment applications in the energy sector: such as oil drilling or solar energy solutions that involve solar inverters.



Current Sensing in PDU Applications

The growth in cloud computing and big data analytics is one of the main drivers in the increase in demand for data centers and servers. As the world moves towards zetabyte communications, cloud service providers, enterprises and telecommunication service providers are accelerating the construction of data centers around the globe to handle these extreme volumes of digital information.


The PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a critical part of the data center infrastructure. As the demand for data centers has risen, so has the need for PDUs. PDU equipment is used to supply AC or DC electrical power to servers. Typically the PDU provides power filtering and intelligent load balancing together with remote monitoring.


While this equipment is easily installed and configured, there are multiple challenges in developing PDUs. These include providing DC power solutions with increased complexity. It also includes the need for effective recovery from failure with increased reliability.


Growing awareness of sustainable development is heightening the adoption of green solutions. Green solutions require more intelligent and smarter operating systems. As a result, there is a trend in the global PDU market toward fully adopting intelligent PDUs and to upgrading existing systems by replacing non-intelligent PDUs.


Intelligent PDUs are critical. They provide power distribution as well as the capacity to monitor current usage. For example, whenever there is a sudden increase in the current, the operating system will receive a signal to adjust before a power failure occurs.



Crocus’ magnetic sensors are most suitable for intelligent PDUs used in current monitoring or current sensing.

A typical solution involves a magnetic sensor positioned above the current that is carrying a trace.


The practical implementation involves two sensors configured in a differential mode as a closed loop solution;

any change in the current is directly reflected in the output signal generated by the circuit solution.