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The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the hottest trends in the high-tech industry. It deploys solutions that harness multiple technologies from smart sensors and digital data processing to communications, all with the goal of enhancing everyday life. These solutions take different shapes and forms depending on the type of application. IoT covers a wide spectrum of products that vary from personal use and healthcare to industrial and smart energy management products.


In the smart energy management product market, there is an increasing movement towards effectively managing energy in households by merging smart solutions with appliances – often called smart home solutions. These solutions enable appliances to consume energy only when needed by detecting when to turn on or off.


Growing awareness of sustainable development is heightening the adoption of green solutions for the smart home. Green solutions provide more intelligent and smarter operating systems enabling further reductions in energy consumption, thus more effective energy management.


As a result, the full adoption of green plug solutions is set to rise in the smart home market. Green plug solutions are essentially intelligent solutions. While letting users turn on and off appliances remotely, they also enable real time energy consumption by measuring current and voltage.







Green plug systems typically include a microcontroller, communications based on one of the wireless standards and current sensing. Crocus’ magnetic sensors are well suited for green plug applications. A typical solution involves a magnetic sensor positioned above the current that is carrying a trace.





The practical implementation involves two sensors configured in a differential mode as a closed loop solution; when current flows through the plug it generates a magnetic field. This is measured by the sensor and it is directly reflected in the output signal generated by circuit. This signal is further processed by microcontroller and can be displayed in real time on a smart phone or other display.



The Crocus sensor products used in green plug solutions are CTSR215, CTSR218, and CTSR222.