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CTD203 Current Sensing Demo Board

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Crocus magnetic current sensors offer contactless current sensing by measuring the magnetic field of a current carrying conductor. The CT219 differential current sensor offers a compelling alternative to current transformers, Hall, AMR and GMR sensors. All products are designed for applications that require high accuracy, wide dynamic range, small form factor, and low power.


CT219 Features
  • Discrete configuration for closed-loop circuit solution
  • High sensitivity as high as 86 mV/A
  • Stable temperature performance: -40 to 125°c
  • AC and DC Current Sensing
  • Low power consumption: 200 μA
  • Small form factor SOT-26 package
  • High frequency performance
Potential Applications
  • Current Transformer (CT) Replacement
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Power Utility Meters
  • Motor control
  • UPS, SMPS, and telecom power supplies
  • Air Conditioning
  • Over –current fault protection
  • Threshold detection